Facebook, Let’s Face It

At this point, who hasn’t heard of the ubiquitous one, Facebook? Even mainstream media and politicians have made use of the platform, seemingly to no end.

One must admit that on its face, pun intended, Facebook can be a very useful tool. The networking, reunions, photo sharing, and just in general, the promise of being able to communicate with like-minded “friends” is a true lure.

 For me in particular, it was the idea of connecting with family. The chance to be plugged in with close, distant, and recently discovered family members was one not to be missed.

 Then, something happened.  From sporadic status updates and light commenting, I morphed into a two-headed monster. One brain operated solely on narcissism of the highest order. My other thought process was to be nosy as hell.

It became my delight and fancy to be a voyeur, a voyeur with very low tolerance for those who lacked reciprocal etiquette. How dare you not like my status after I’ve liked yours.

Addiction can be described as dependence and/or devotion to the extreme. While I won’t readily admit to actually being addicted to Facebook, I can definitively say that I’ve had moments of obsession over it.

By no means am I by myself. The user habits, not to mention, the information overload by certain Facebook folk, have become downright disturbing. True as ever,  no rock is thrown into the pool without rippling.

We are now witnessing everyday people being held accountable to the law, insurance companies, and public scrutiny such as never before.

Such is Internet life. You post something and others gawk, delve, and dish about it.

Let’s face it, Facebook, in theory, is Xanadu. A wondrous place in which each connection produces stimulating, thought-provoking discussions; where a chosen circle is privy to the at once momentous and miniscule of life events.

Alas, Facebook is more complex than that. It’s an ever-changing monolith that surely delivers on networking, but also elicits millions in lowering the standards of privacy probably once tightly held.

It’s a journal and diary for those who never thought to keep one before. It’s a cache and ever increasingly, a cliché.

Even so, I understand the need for Facebook. It just so happens that for me-it’s just too much. 

Keep in mind that this is Jones My Opinion.


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