Family History…Frankly, I Hope That You Give A ____.

I do and believe it or not, it’s important and relevant for all of us. Oh, I’m not going to spew the old “if we don’t know where we came from-we won’t know where we’re going” tagline.

The journeys, stories, and the lives that culminated to our very existence bespeak much more than that. The simple fact is that many just take his-story and leave it at that.

If you don’t take ownership of something, more than likely, you’re not going to give a hoot. I’m talking about taking ownership of your family’s history.

How can we stand on the shoulders of those giants and ignore them? Of course there’s no way to know every single detail. Yet to be satisfied with a chapter or two in a his-story book, to only be concerned during the shortest month of the year, (in which we learn either obscure or over-used facts), is not the legacy I choose.

For reasons unexplained, I’ve always wanted to know about my family history. As I get older, somehow I believe that it’s tied to being an Army Brat and not having real family ties. Whatever the reason, I have the thirst for knowledge.

Truly, I’ve been allowed to break though barriers.  With all my heart, I believe that it’s possible for anyone who cares to be interested to do the same.

During this blog journey, I’ll be writing about my experiences with family history. I hope that each and every one of you who reads this, regardless of color, will consider your family’s unique story.

Remember that it doesn’t have to be a love-fest. Don’t sugar coat anything. At the same time, don’t go into your search with a grudge. Stick with the facts. Go in with an open mind and heart, the stories will unfold for you. You’ll connect with like-minded people who will assist you in your search.

For those of you who think that it takes a lot of money-no. It doesn’t. I’ll be explaining my methods in later posts. What will be required is your attention to detail, really wanting to know the answers to your questions, and patience. One more thing-do it in LOVE.

With that said, I hope that I’m not the only one who gives a ____.

As always, this is Jones My Opinion.


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