Let’s Hear It For The REAL Celebrities!

Our U.S. military active duty and veterans really deserve the best of the best. They put their lives on the line for us citizens and at the end of the day; it seems that they go largely unappreciated.

The freedoms that we take for granted here in this country were won by the sweat and blood of our troops. Never mind that, what type of shoes is so and so wearing? Let me tell you, the red carpet is possible only because of the red blood of our soldiers.

No, we don’t have to obsess over it, but we certainly need to do more than barbeque on Memorial Day or even better, totally ignore Veteran’s Day.

My father was drafted into the US Army at a very young age. He spent 22 years of his life serving the country honorably, being a husband, and raising a family.

My father’s and our whole family’s transition into civilian life was not pretty in the least bit. Financial realities were harsh and unforgiving. My parents didn’t and don’t deserve that. No one who serves in the US military should be amongst the last to live the dream.

The reality is that our veterans and active duty personnel are facing dire times. Yes, a lot of folks are now in these times. I understand that. What I need to convey is that somehow, whatever any of the rest of us go through, our troops should be spared the financial storm. They should be treated as the treasures that they certainly are.

Look, I don’t like labels. I don’t want to hear about politics, capitalism, or any other rhetoric. Right is right, no matter what.

Let’s do right by our troops. If nothing else, thank a soldier, today!!

If you didn’t know, this is Jones-My Opinion.

Thank You, Daddy!!!!!


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