Who’s Got The Torch and Why Won’t They Pass It?

We know who did what, when they did it, and the like. What we don’t know is why traditional values, the passion for justice, and community cohesiveness is seemingly non-existent in our community today.

While it’s true that superficially we are the benefactors of great wealth, in reality there’s a poverty going on that reeks more of famine than of dream tending.

A famine of growth in education, morals, kinship, and a whole lot more is painfully obvious to all. Yet there are those who would perpetually pat themselves on the back for_________, while scornfully ignoring those who dare fare lower on the socio-economic strata.

We’ve got people fighting over camera time to speak on abstract political notions while at the same time ignoring vital community issues, such as urban crime.

I suppose that there’s not enough money in that.

Let me assure anyone who may be confused. I honor and salute those of great courage who stood and continue to stand for right.

We’ve got to be honest, though. Something happened with the transition.  The Dream has been transformed into The Meal Ticket for far too many who don’t give a damn about the greater good.

 Why do we continue to hear about the same two or three personas non grata of real life being our “representatives?” They’ve turned the struggle into a sound bite. A sound bite which better make the airwaves or they won’t be speaking on it.

For better or worse, the fact is that the youth have outsourced their opinions, dreams, and emotions from daily life to the “all that glitters ain’t gold” record industry.

The passion with which some voices have spoken is proof positive that they’re using their oratorical skills in the wrong arena. Consequences be damned.

Since no one passed the torch, they picked up the microphone. Silly folk, you’re still not listening. Pull up your pants?

No, pass the torch-please.

This remains, Jones-My Opinion.


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