Help Me Ronda-Spain

Very recently, I’ve had the pleasure of learning about a town in Andalusia, Spain called Ronda.

Located in the province of Málaga, and situated precariously on beautifully jagged cliffs, Ronda really invites me.

I mention Ronda, which has been the haunt of Hemingway and Orson Welles, because just viewing pictures of the place is cathartic.

Small, cozy towns, off the beaten path of polluted city-life, harboring ancient histories like Ronda, are exactly where I day-dream of visiting one day.

The tightening of purse strings during this difficult financial time for so many, calls for us to be creative in ways untold.

Want to get away, but funds won’t let you leave the front door? Travel via Internet.

Scoff if you must, but realize that there’s a way to refresh your mind, mood, and more by picking an exotic place, learning a bit about it, then viewing videos and interactive maps. This allows for journeying vicariously.

Look, there’s The Travel Channel, which basically allows us to do the same. We just have to hope that the programming will include interesting locations, according to our taste.

Decide for yourself.

First, pick whatever search engine you like, check out the official page for your “destination” to the receive the best information.

If an official page is not available, Wikipedia serves nicely. Don’t underestimate Wikipedia, just cross reference it.

Now before you get the notion that this might be too much like an assignment rather than an “escape,” realize that you should choose a place that you’d enjoy learning about. Take note of local sites that could further increase the pleasure factor.

Next, try Google Maps or another interactive map to “travel.”. You Tube has innumerable videos dealing with travel.

My point is, where the mind goes first, the feet will follow.

Setting the stage now, anticipating opportunities to come, thinking above the dull and mundane, gives us power.

Happy Travels and
Thank you, Ronda!

As you might imagine, this is Jones, My Opinion.


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