The Greatest Generation

This day marks the 62nd anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The surprise bombardment killed over 2,400 US military personnel and was the impetus for the US entering World War II.

Yes, the military of the United States and the Allied Forces against the Axis of Evil were indeed “The Greatest Generation” as penned by journalist Tom Brokaw. However, it wasn’t just the military who took on the fight. Here at home, for the first time in great numbers, women were entering the workplace. The world would never be the same.

I wonder how our society would fare today if we were called upon to champion some great cause through a world war. Would we rally the troops, give our full support, create war bonds, or do whatever is needed to help the fight for right?  I shudder to think.

As a nation, as a world, there have been so many things which have divided rather than unite us since World War II. Achievements have been many but, so too, the detriments of erosion.  The erosion of character, moral accountability, honor, respect, faith, patriotism, and countless other barometers of civilization indicate that we have fallen far from the legacy so many of our forbears sacrificed to protect.

All is not lost. Or is it? I submit that unless there is a shaking at the foundation of our moral fiber as individuals, as family units, and as a nation, we are in danger of bearing the title, “The WORST Generation.”

Eternally grateful for the sacrifice

 Jones, My Opinion


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