The Printed Word

There’s something about holding an old, worn book in hand that makes me feel that all is right with the world.

I’m a sucker for the printed word.

The binding, the lettering, the dusting of “gold” on the edges,  unmistakable beauty.

Maybe it’s subliminal or something, but I feel as though I absorb more of the intended message of the author when I actually hold a book.

This is considerable. I feel that I’ve learned just as much as anybody else when it comes to the advent of The Information Age. The expansive world-wide web has ensnared all of us, seemingly to some degree.

Yet for all of the strides made in technology, for all of our Kindles, Ipads, and such there remains a timeless emblem of knowledge that our advancement cannot banish.

The library.

Certainly, the library as we know it today has integrated itself into the new millennium. What I’m referencing is the very foundation and necessity of libraries, regardless of techie wizardry. The books themselves are the lure, I submit.

There’s something about holding a book in your hand that conveys the feeling of ownership, even if you’re borrowing said book. For that moment in time, no one else is reading this but you. In my head, at least.

My husband knows that if we ever come into some major money, one of the things that would be an absolute must-have, is a dedicated library, replete with a sliding stair.

Yes, there will need to be that many books in our library.

Until that day, I enjoy and continue to hold dear, the printed word.
Although you may or may not feel the quite same,

This is Jones, My Opinion


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