Confessions Of A Tab-Hoarder

Yes, you see it right.

For some reason, a single web browsing session turns into a myriad of links, pages, and browsers whenever I log on to the Internet.

It really is ridiculous, having not only numerous browsers open, but then tab upon tab of every subject under the sun. Or it could be different links of the same subject that have gotten out of control on my screen.

The thought occurred to me to query this habit of mine via a Google search. I typed multiple browsers hoarder. Evidently, I’m not by myself.

What a strange phenomena.

It’s bad enough that I have to hold on to every shred of paper that I come across, and equally as bad that I hold on to school supplies en masse. Now, here I am having electronic regret in closing an Internet page. Who cares that I have at least three browsers up, I need to pull up another session. Then in that session, I need to pull up another tab. Research, look, interesting link, go.

Stop already.

It’s annoying to no end to the person who’d like to use the family computer after said hoarder.

Leave it up!

is the usual directive to parties who could careless one way or the other. But then, that’s why they’re not hoarders, right?  Tab or browser hoarding gives new meaning to the term digital display, endless digital display if I could have my way.

How many people are like me, digitally?

Jones, My Opinion



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11 responses to “Confessions Of A Tab-Hoarder

  1. Svet

    OMG I have this problem. I felt so alone until this point….

  2. Anonymous

    it’s destroying our relationship

  3. LOLLLLL I didn’t know there were people like me out there! I’m glad to know I have reach of support in case I need it :p

  4. wish i could send you a printscreen of my dual-display 1920X1080 right now :))
    my issue could be somewhat work related thou, i’m a “wannabe” webmaster 😛 so when i decide to make a change …i have to edit about 30-40 tabs. why don’t i close them afterwards…well thats another story 😛 thought your post might help 😛

  5. Anonymous

    I have about 80 tabs open in 3 windows. My record was 75 in one window. Pisses me off when my computer crashes and I have to start all over again. Bookmarks aren’t so bad but I use wishlists

  6. sir tabalot

    Jones you still out there?

    at 150 plus tabs and a reliance on “crash-first” patterns, I’d say we Ned to talk 🙂


  7. I am worried about Sir Tabalot – 150 tabs!? God save the queen!

  8. Yes, I’m still here and still tab-hoarding!
    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on this seemingly dormant blog of mine. I’ll be updating soon. I just need to close a few tabs, first. =)

  9. Anonymous

    After my browser recently (and understandably) crashed, I found that I had 854 tabs open.

  10. Jean

    I see your point, it could be really frustrating to accumulate and never actually use that information. Noosfeer has helped me a lot with that.

  11. Steve

    I’m a fellow tab-a-holic. Turned a corner recently though when I found a new web tool, I’m still not cured but no longer have the browser crasher fear! Well worth a try!

    View story at

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