Yes, I Deleted Your Comments

Doesn’t it seem a tad bit disingenuous to proclaim that this is “Jones, My Opinion,” then ask-“what’s yours,” only to delete ALL of the comments made here?

Yes, but so what. 

At the time I felt justified, even a bit empowered by hitting TRASH comments. I wanted to start with a clean slate and indeed that’s exactly what it seems to be now, save for the two comments that I just approved.

What’s the reasoning, the rationale for such comment carnage, such a Savonarola moment of absolute blog participation destruction? Well, at the time I felt like a change in blog formatting. I no longer wanted this to be a blog with comments and so I searched and searched to TURN OFF comments. Queen of the universe that I am, I couldn’t find it. (insert laugh here)

I missed the window of opportunity to return all of the comments to the blog and so rather than immediately stating the obvious, I’ve said ZIP.

At this point, I’m not sure of the direction this blog will take, or even if it will exist tomorrow. In the interest of my “mission statement,” let’s keep the comments rolling for the time being.

We’ve got until October 21, right?

Jones, My Opinion


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