U$3R N@M3

User names allow the clean slate needed to gain the respect that is elusive in the land of 3D.

User names allow morphing into the very best and the very worst that we’ve never been.

Is that a sin?

User names make you happy,mad,
sad, ferociously bad, then raging with self-grandiose satisfaction, you’re an Internet cad.

Catch me if you can screams the newest me! MaryCa$anova, temptme20, and thugimmortal5EEe.

With insults hurled and gossip spread, there’s never time to worry -never the need to dread.

It hideth me-or so I, you, we’ve been lead to believe.

What’s all the fuss about? How did they know-how can they see?

A small matter, an address of the ip.

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