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POEtry Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe ((Happy Belated))

Hidden within this wordplay is a play on words.

If you can’t see the answer, then your logic is absurd. That’s right.


I hear everything, yet nothing is spoken, not a word.

How much space can time hold; if eternity is the bird,

we all chase, why does it fly away? Her wings span, only to fall from the

sky one day, not money.


is everywhere and nowhere. It’s plentifully scarce and

fleetingly final.

 Or is it?

Ascribe my curiosity to be requisite.


Jones, My Opinion


Inspired by: Edgar Allan Poe




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You Must Be My Soul Sista, RIP Lady T.

There are times that no matter how you try to say something, it just doesn’t come out as intended.

For some reason, I don’t believe that Ms. Teena Marie had that problem. In fact, not only could she speak it, she emoted clearly and powerfully through music and song.

A true soul.

Colorless to the wise, and yet, she must be our soul sista…

Nós sempre vou te amar, Lady T.

Jones, My Opinion

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To Feel Like A Bouvier Beale

If you’re familiar with the cult classic Grey Gardens, and can appreciate the message, you’ll know exactly where I’m coming from.

Doesn’t mean that you’ll relate, or agree. It means that you will realize that there is something debilitating that occurs when family ostracizes family.

Conversely, there’s something noxious about family holding family too closely.

For those not familiar, here’s a quick background: Edith Sr. and Little Edie Beale were high society ladies of the early twentieth century.

 Edith Sr. was born to the Bouvier family and was aunt to former First Lady, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. Edith married a high-powered

attorney in her father’s law firm and they raised a family in East Hampton, New York. The name of their mansion was Grey Gardens.

Edith Sr. had some major issues fitting in with her high society lifestyle. She really wanted to be a singer, an idea which was ill-received by her family. 

She showed up to her son’s wedding, not only late, but wearing the attire of an opera singer. She was cut out of her father’s inheritance and eventually,

her husband, Mr. Beale, left the family.  Grey Gardens turned into something that makes the television show Hoarders look like Disneyland.

A documentary was made of Edith Sr. and Little Edie entitled, Grey Gardens. If you are interested in stories of the human spirit, dysfunctional dynamics,

and a bit of history, then I think you’ll be taken in by Grey Gardens. I’ve tried but really there’s no way to describe it, you have to see it for yourself.

Lifetime even remade the documentary, with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange.

Don’t get color conscious with me, it’s a story of the HUMAN spirit. It’s a story about no matter how you may share the same DNA, and upbringing,

associations with even the closest of kin can be so broken down that they wouldn’t give a rat’s arse if you’re living in a decrepid mansion with no

heat, decent food, and a thousand cats as tenants. Just don’t have their name tied to it in the media, for then they would be obliged to outstretch their

caring hands.


Dahling, it’s Jones, My Opinion

The rain falls in and it’s not a big deal. We roll along to our own little song and even if no one else hears, there’ll be no tears.

Life in the Grey is never just black and white. We’ll fill the days with our glorious nights of riches past. How did we get down to our last?

Doesn’t matter now-ever wonder how from a Bouvier to Beale then life surreal?

Life was a dance and every chance, a thrill.

The world has retreated, yet our spirit is not defeated.


Send the bill to the Bouviers-



The Beales

Poem by: B.Jones

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